The orchestra rehearses at the Homewood Road United Reform Church, Sandpit Lane St Albans AL1 4BH  on Wednesdays from 7.30pm – 10.00pm, tuning at 7.25pm. Venue opens at 7.10pm.

If absent or late, please inform section principals (strings) or David Utting: 07930 313790 (winds, brass) in advance. Winds and brass please arrange a deputy if absent.

Orchestration for St Cecilia Concert, Saturday 14th October 2017

Rachmaninov, The Bells:
4(1,2,3,pic)4(1,2,3,cor)4(1,2,3,bcl)4(1,2,3,contra) – 6331 – tmp+5 – hp – cel, pianino, opt org – str
perc: bd, cym, sd, tri, tambn, tamtam, glock, chimes

Tchaikovsky, 1812 Overture:
3(1,2,pic)3(1,2,cor)22 – 44(2crt+2tp)31 – tmp+5 – str
perc: bd, cym, sd, tri, tambn, bells or chimes (“Glocken”), cannon

Borodin, Polovtsian Dances:
3(1,2,pic)2(1,2/cor)22 – 4231 – tmp+5 – hp – str
perc: bd, cym, sd, tri, tambn, glock, sus cym

Shostakovich, October (op 131):
3(1,2,pic)3(1,2,cor)33(1,2,contra) – 4331- timp+2 – str
perc: sd, cym

Rehearsal Schedule