Rehearsals test page

The orchestra rehearses at the Homewood Road United Reformed Church, Sandpit Lane St Albans AL1 4BH  on Wednesdays from 7.30pm – 10.00pm, tuning at 7.25pm. Venue opens at 7.10pm.

Winds and brass please arrange a deputy if absent.




Sunday 21st November 2021

Children’s concerts


Bernard Hughes Isabel’s Noisy Tummy 16’ 
2222 4231 – tmp+4 – hp – str 
Perc : Extensive!!!
Guest conductor Matthew Andrews 
Narrator Bernard Hughes 

Saturday 1st January 2022

New Year’s Day Concert


Gustav Holst: The Planets
Hidden female chorus (wordless) in last movement 
4[1.2.3/pic1.4/afl/pic2]4[1.2.3/bass ob.Eh]4[1.2.3.bcl]4[] 6431 – tenor tuba – 2tmp+4 – 2hp – cel, org- str 

John Williams: ‘Flying Theme’ from E.T.
2222 4331- tmp  -perc – pf – str

Strauss: On the Beautiful Blue Danube
2[1.2/pic]222 – 4211 – tmp+2 – hp – str

J Strauss Jr: Thunder and Lightning Polka
2[1.pic]222 – 4331 – tmp+3 – str

Andrew Parnell: Angel Voices